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NYC Logistics

Revolution Rickshaws provides comprehensive mini-freight delivery, leasing, and/or logistics solutions for clients with cargo bike NYC, freight trike, and infrastructure needs. Rickshaw freight trikes under our wing facilitate movement of millions of pounds of product annually, with more city-savvy companies joining the fold regularly.

Freight trike programs are reliable, flexible, compact: city-optimized, in a word. They’re appropriate for myriad city applications. Are they right for your city enterprise?


Freight trikes pedaled by trained operators glide safely to every destination through the toughest of traffic snarls. Construction, incidents, triple-parked trucks? No problem! Parking tickets? What are those? Roadside assistance? Check. Safety training? Check. All-weather solution? Check.

RR gets the needs of NYC business owners requiring logistics solutions. We’re ready, willing, and able to go the extra mile to make sure you and your customers are satisfied day in, day out—year round.

Delivery & Distribution

Revolution Rickshaws provides comprehensive mini-freight delivery programs for clients in New York City. Our team of logistics professionals works closely with each prospective client to ensure RR is qualified to meet its precise needs. We review key elements including delivery zones, delivery timing/windows, product integrity/safety, product volume, packaging, multimodal issues, handling, warehousing, marketing opportunities, routing, staffing, and more during the intake process. Our service is ideal from some clients and not for others, so we’ll even make recommendations for other logistics solutions if ours isn’t appropriate.

Contact RR today to see whether your delivery needs can be met by our full delivery programs. We’ve established delivery zones of operations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and we link with third-party distributors as necessary to facilitate full city-wide service, if necessary and appropriate—our capabilities may surprise you!

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Fleet Leasing

Benefit from active transport systems at a low cost with an RR freight-trike lease program. Why invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into fossil fueled van or truck equipment acquisition, maintenance, insurance, and management—not to mention the inevitable parking and moving violations—for city logistics if you don’t absolutely need to?  Operate one or one hundred freight trikes and execute some or all of your enterprise city logistics and marketing program via RR.

The experts at RR will back you every step of the way: Comprehensive support services includes preventive maintenance, employee training, on-street support,  convenient garaging in midtown, advertising media, and expert help in setting up and optimizing your program.  Flexible lease terms available on short and long term basis, with monthly rentals starting as low as $645 per month.

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Operate Your Own Equipment? Revolution Keeps You Rolling

Maintenance & Ownership

Has your organization already converted to a freight-trike logistics system on an ownership level? Ready to move from renting to owning? Treat your trikes well and enjoy many years of reliable service for a fraction of the cost of petrol-fueled motor delivery vehicles. Our expert support team keeps you rolling with our top-notch preventive maintenance program.

Daily, weekly, or monthly front-to-back checks and repair assessments keep trike trouble from slowing you down. Revolution Rickshaws also can provide you with on-street support as well as training and parts.

As well, RR stands as stateside agent for U.K. manufacturer Cycles Maximus, which produces the trikes utilized by RR. We’re happy to review options, if it pleases you.

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An Enterprise Owner’s Guide

Trikes vs. Trucks?

  • Freight trikes are more reliable than fossil-fueled delivery vehicles.
  • They don’t get stuck in traffic—easily maneuver around construction and other obstacles.
  • Each freight trike can carry 550 pounds and almost 40 cubic feet of freight.
  • Rickshaw delivery cuts operating costs: No fossil fuel, DMV driving points, expensive repairs.
  • Wrapped freight trikes look great in the streets advertising your message.
  • Carbon-neutral rickshaws connect your forward-thinking customers with your brand.
  • Say goodbye to parking tickets and other parking-related issues.


Quinciple is finding success delivering via craft transport.


The Challenge: How to deliver curated boxes of fresh, artisanal food to NYC customers effectively and affordably while upholding the company’s commitment to craft values.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: Each Monday and Thursday, a fleet of freight trikes fans out across Manhattan (south of 96th Street), after receiving and handling safely up to 100 large boxes at a time at RR HQ, to bring the latest eagerly anticipated delicious array to Quinciple’s growing customer base in a most responsible fashion.

Results: An enthusiastic response from Qunciple’s customers has contributed to positive word of mouth – vital for small business growth.

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Revolution Rickshaws is the only delivery service I’ve ever trusted.

- Ivy, Catering Manager

Murray's Cheese

Delivery & Logistics FAQs

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Can you transport perishable items – like food – by freight trike?

We’ve successfully executed thousands of deliveries of perishable goods to homes and businesses. We work with each client diligently until all stakeholders are satisfied with every aspect of a particular city logistics system – including temperature-control systems. Ask us about solutions – plenty are available.

How do your trikes perform in inclement conditions?

Our trikes are designed to operate in every condition Mother Nature throws at NYC: cold, rain, sleet, snow – you name it. Because RR and our leasing and preventive-maintenance clients pedal trikes – not bikes – we never are forced to suspend operations; bicycle operators, on the other hand, are liable to stand down in icy and snowy conditions. Trikes are inherently stable, cannot tip over, and roll safely in all conditions. If motor vehicles are able to navigate the streets, our work trikes are able to navigate the streets – it’s as simple as that.

How much weight/volume can a rickshaw carry?

Each freight trike is rated to carry up to 550 pounds; we can haul heavier loads on occasion, but we prefer to do so rarely, as we don’t want to stress out our trike – or our deliverists! A typical cargo box sports a capacity of about 35 cubic feet – they’re approximately 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 4 feet long.

I own a local enterprise. I want to deploy a rickshaw to execute my own deliveries. How do I get started?

Get in touch with RR to review your needs. We offer one-year (or shorter) freight-trike leases; as well, we are able again to sell trikes again as a Cycles Maximus agent. Additional elements of a program include legal and safety training for deliverists, preventive maintenance systems for the trikes, on-street support, and management support to optimize ongoing efficiency and success. If you already own one or more Cycles Maximus trikes, RR can establish with you a comprehensive equipment maintenance program. RR also offers consulting services for companies ready to optimize their delivery programs by upgrading to active logistics solutions from petrol logistics solutions for operations.