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Revolution Rickshaws is a livemobile productions enterprise based in New York City. Services include engagement marketing, filmtrike activationspassenger shuttles, and livemobile sales, rental, & service programs. Revolution researches, develops, and maintains livemobile modes, systems, and infrastructure in partnership with Cycles Maximus, our primary livemobile manufacturer and collaborator, and other makers of livemobile modes and accessories. Since 2005 Revolution has rolled for clients in New York City and the metropolitan region. What keeps our wheels turning besides our dedicated team of pedalers? At the end of the day, it’s the fantastic feedback from our clients. Revolution has executed productions for hundreds of clients over the years, and we’re told we consistently exceed expectations. Each time Revolution activates for a client is a privilege. You’re why we continue to revolve after all these years. Thank you!

Team Revolution

Our team comprises professionals sporting a variety of skill sets and a passion for creating awesome experiences for our clients. Revolution Rickshaws works with craftspeople possessing street smarts, strong minds & bodies, and a client-first sensibility. We’re always looking for a few more good Revolutionists: Contact us for more information on how to join the team if it pleases you.

Executive Staff

  • Gregg Zuman


    Gregg Zuman


    At thirteen, Gregg landed his first cycling gig: delivering The Boston Globe in his hometown of Wellesley, MA. That was 1986. In the 1990s, he worked as a bike messenger in Manhattan. After forays into financial editing at various firms and party politics with the New York State Green Party, Gregg climbed back in the saddle in 2003 operating a pedicab. Two years later, he established Revolution Rickshaws initially as a rental operation sporting a fifteen-pedicab fleet. That same year, he co-founded the New York City Pedicab Owners’ Association with a couple of industry mates and also became U.S. agent for U.K. trike manufacturer Cycles Maximus. Since then, RR’s fleet doubled in size, its operations expanded to include experiential promotions and last-mile delivery solutions, and its primary revenue stream completely dried up. Today, Gregg drives innovation in LiveDrive™ Logistics & Engagement Marketing in collaboration with other cutting-edge enterprises and passengers in Midtown in collaboration with thousands of happy customers. He holds a B.A. in Politics from Occidental College.

  • Barry Tumer

    Operations Manager

    Barry Tumer

    Operations Manager

    Barry is a mechanic with more than 20 years of motorized equipment experience ranging from custom fabrications to race engines.

  • Arthur Mallett

    Communications Coordinator

    Arthur Mallett

    Communications Coordinator

    Arty has rolled with Revolution in different roles since 2011. Today, he’s coordinating our communications efforts.

    Photo ofArthur Mallett
    Arthur Mallett
    Job Title
    Marketing Coordinator
    Revolution Rickshaws
  • Elle Connelly

    Media Coordinator

    Elle Connelly

    Media Coordinator

    Skilled graphic and product designer with fine arts background, Elle brightens our brand and the brands of our clients regularly.



Livepower™. What does it mean exactly? First and foremost, livepower is power derived in part or in whole from the living: man, horse, sun, wind, water, wood, e.g. Livepower modes? Bicycles, tricycles, roller blades, sailboats, and horse carriages are a few examples. What’s remarkable about these modes is that many of them outperform “traditional” modes such as motor vehicles – even today. Our worktrikes, for instance, typically move at the speed of NYC (4-9 mph according to NYCDOT). Fundamentally, systems powered effectively by life are ones able to operate driven solely by this power when necessary, requiring zero fossil inputs or infrastructure to function. Fossilfree infrastructure? Yes, it exists, too! Just dig beneath the fossil asphalt in much of NYC and you’ll find infrastructure constructed via livepower processes. Such infrastructure includes petrol-free brick, stone, clay, Belgian block, water, or steel. Delivering market-leading results in today’s petroleum-drenched logistics playing field, Revolution produces satisfied customers while simultaneously delivering a return on investment to NYC via cleaner air, fitter workers, and superlight touches on city infrastructure. Our modes, systems, and infrastructure empower companies as well as consumers to forge deeper relationships with the goods and services in which they invest. In partnership with our vendors and customers, Revolution is creating in the city a growing space in which we New Yorkers can generate the superior results we’re so driven to produce—while respecting our citizenry, land, and ecology in the process.

Livemobile Excellence

To do effective work, one needs the right tools for the task at hand—or foot, as is oftentimes the case here. Since 2004, Revolution Rickshaws has invested heavily in its fleet of world-class worktrikes, made exclusively by Cycles Maximus. These well-crafted trikes—or rickshaws as some refer to them—are the strongest, best engineered, best designed form of manpowered and pedal-assist transportation available. They’re comfy, sleek, and sexy. Our NYC passengers, operators, and film crew customers rave about the sound, secure ride. Our trikes also are incredibly strong: Each trike is rated to move 550 pounds – though they’ve been known to approach a half ton without skipping a gear.

Working with Cycles Maximus equipment and RR’s skilled maintenance crew make it possible for RR to provide clients with top-notch service and an optimal experience every time our trikes hit the streets with an end in mind. The best thing about our trikes: They can go just about anywhere. In addition to having full access to the city’s growing network of bike lanes – an innovation that makes us the sensible upgrade from toxic trucks and vans that invariably spend too much time stuck in traffic and collecting parking tickets – our trikes traverse parks, waterfronts, bridges, and other iconic, picturesque destinations where motorized vehicles are not allowed.

Point to Point Shuttle


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