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Cityfreight – staffed delivery programs

Pedicab NYC – passenger shuttles and experiences

Citypromo – Promotional services 

Cityfilm – citymile film logistics services

Service – bikemobile leasing, sales, & service programs & consulting

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Team Revolution

Our team comprises professionals possessing a variety of skill sets plus passion for creating awesome experiences for our clients. Revolution Rickshaws collaborates with craftspeople sporting street smarts, strong minds—and bodies (!), and a results-driven sensibility. Featured here is our core company crew; to be sure, we count many others as part of our team. We’re always looking for a few good Revolutionists to join us: Contact us for more information if it pleases you.

Executive Staff

  • Gregg Zuman

    Founder, Sales Manager

    Gregg Zuman

    Founder, Sales Manager

    At thirteen, Revolution Rickshaws’ founder and sales manager Gregg Zuman landed his first cycling gig: delivering The Boston Globe in his hometown of Wellesley, MA. That was 1986. He’s been pedaling pedaling ever since.

    After extensive forays into NYC bike messengering, financial editing services, and local party politics with the New York State Green Party in the 1990s and early aughts, Gregg in 2003 climbed into the saddle of a pedicab for the first time. Within two years of this surprisingly momentous occasion, Gregg birthed Revolution Rickshaws, L.L.C., co-founded the New York City Pedicab Owners’ Association, and set himself up as U.S. agent for U.K. bikemobile manufacturer Cycles Maximus. Initially a pedicab rental operation sporting a fifteen-strong fleet, Revolution Rickshaws more than doubled in fleet size and approached a half million dollars in annual revenue as operations expanded to include experiential promotions, filmtrike logistics, and last-mile delivery solutions—as Revolution’s original revenue stream from pedicab rentals dried up due to market conditions. Today, Gregg continues to wear a number of hats as he drives innovation in the bikemobile sector—as well as with passengers in Midtown after all these years. He possesses a B.A. in Politics from Occidental College.

  • Barry Tumer

    Operations Manager

    Barry Tumer

    Operations Manager

    Barry is a mechanic with more than 20 years of motorized equipment experience ranging from custom fabrications to race engines.

  • Jeffrey Gustafson

    Jeffrey Gustafson

    Jeff brings years of experience in retail management as well as delivery program management to the table with Revolution. Today, he’s advancing within the enterprise as account manager.

  • Helen Zuman


    Helen Zuman


    Helen deliver her organizational skill sets to Revolution Rickshaws, as well as her attention to detail, as bookkeeper and financial advisor. Her stint as both a deliverist and a marketer at the enterprise give her additional insights into overall company workings; starting up at RR in 2008, her institutional knowledge is second to one.

  • Daniel Wendlek

    Daniel Wendlek

    Daniel has designed trikes, built them from scratch, and pedaled them for miles and miles—all in NYC as founder and managing director of a Brooklyn-based enterprise focused on delivering value to market in the small and growing bikemobile industry. Today, he brings to bear and share his decade of industry expertise on/with Revolution and its clients.



Livepower: Power generated in part or in whole by the living, e.g., man, horse, sun, wind, water, wood, e.g. What might modes are livepowerable? Bicycles, tricycles, roller blades, sailboats, and horse carriages, for instance, qualify. What’s remarkable about these modes? They outperform motor vehicles in cities—now more than any time in recent memory. Manpowered worktrikes, for instance, move at the speed of NYC (4-9 mph according to NYCDOT) regardless of vehicle congestion; humelec worktrikes, on the other hand, move even faster about town whilst still suffering little to no decrease in performance within streets contested with vehicles.

Modes designed for life are ones that capture livepower and operate solely by this power when necessary, requiring zero fossil inputs or infrastructure to function such that when panels or petrol are unattached or unavailable the show rolls on – albeit possibly a bit more slowly and steadily at times.

With motor-assist systems flooding our industry, it’s worth noting that Revolution carefully builds and operates systems that honor our livepower mission.

Fossilfree infrastructure? Yes, it’s part of the larger mission as well—and it’s with us, even today: dig beneath the fossil-laden asphalt across much of NYC, e.g., and you’ll find fossil-free infrastructure constructed via livepowered processes. Such infrastructure includes petrol-free brick, stone, clay, Belgian block, water, and steel. Delivering high-performance citymile logistics results within today’s petroleum-drenched logistics playing field in NYC, Revolution produces satisfied customers whilst delivering also a return on investment to NYC herself via cleaner air, fitter workers, and feather-light touches on city infrastructure.

Revolution empowers companies and end-users to forge deeper relationships with the ways goods and services in which they invest move about NYC. In partnership with our vendors and customers, Revolution creates growing capacity for New Yorkers to generate the superior results we’re so driven to produce—while honoring our citizenry, land, and ecology in the process.

About Us


Revolution Rickshaws develops, maintains, services, and operates high-performance bikemobile systems for enterprises active in the urban logistics, marketing, and mobility sectors.

About Us

Established in 2005, Revolution Rickshaws is a bikemobile systems & services enterprise based in New York City. Revolution researches, develops, and maintains bikemobiles in partnership with multiple world-class industry brands including Cycles Maximus, our long-time bikemobile manufacturer and collaborator, to deliver optimal goods and services to our customers.

What keeps our wheels turning besides our dedicated team of pedalers, managers, and principals? At the end of the day, it’s the fantastic feedback from our clients. Revolution has executed productions for hundreds of clients over the years, and we’re told we consistently exceed expectations. Each time Revolution activates for a client is a privilege. You’re why we continue to revolve after all these years. Thank you!


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