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Give your clients experiences they’ll never forget. Choose complimentary branded pedicab rides about town – or product sampling services at preferred locations. Pedicab NYC rides never fail to deliver exhilarating moments that provide passengers with a fresh perspective on our city, while our street sampling crew delivers product samples into the hands of target markets by the thousand. Our staff is friendly and personable, adding value while reinforcing your brand’s message. Our city movement + marketing experts deliver unique, fun experiences your customers will remember & talk about!

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Revolution Rickshaws delivers excitement directly to your clients via pedicab NYC experiences. Our team of seasoned professionals is street smart, sales savvy, and customer focused, working continually to ensure that everyone they meet has a memorable experience while making the city more resilient.

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City Movement + Marketing

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First class city movement + marketing programs are the smart, street-savvy choice for city-focused enterprises. Revolution Rickshaws partners with clients to identify needs and produce pedicab NYC experiential marketing, event transport, delivery & distribution, and film or photo shoot logistics that power optimal results for everyone.


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