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Contact us today to explore or establish a service account, to purchase select cyclemobile systems and accessories, or hire Revolution for a consulting program if it pleases you. If you seek to pay an invoice, click here.


Brands officially represented by Revolution include Cycles Maximus , Tern, and Carla Cargo. We work closely with other brands including Velove, Bafang, and Trivel. Our motor and battery systems division at Revolution X is suspended for the time being. If you would like to establish an account to activate and maintain NYC-legal systems for individuals and fleets on a contract basis, Revolution would consider re-establishing our program.

lithium ion battery repairs

Head tech Barry Tumer in LIB repair mode.

Revolution Rickshaws operates out of a base in Midtown West in Manhattan. We also possess an office and facility in Beacon, NY. To pay us a visit, reach out and schedule an appointment to meet up. We love to talk trikeā€”and trailer and cargo e-bike, too!




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