Hi, Brand. Meet Engagement!

Street-Level Impact

An N.Y.C. engagement marketing activation with Revolution Rickshaws delivers the “on brand” messaging—and results—your brand requires—and then some. Our team of brand managers & ambassadors, fleet of mobile advertising platforms, and systems of performance assurance ensure clients achieve and often exceed agreed campaign goals.

We’re not part of the action; we ARE the action. Content creation is our raison d’être: With a Revolution engagement marketing campaign, your brand comes alive, its target markets activate, and content for media arises fast and furious. Our team will even design your campaign if it pleases you. Revolution powers high-performance campaigns for brands big and small as well as for marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes.

Key N.Y.C. Sites

Access the ability to create highly targeted N.Y.C. engagement marketing campaigns in high-traffic environments such as:

  • Bryant Park
  • Central Park (edges not inside!)
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Pennsylvania Station
  • Greenwich Village
  • Herald Square
  • Javits Center (conventions)
  • Lincoln Center
  • Soho (target fashionistas)
  • Times Square
  • Union Square (excellent on farmers’ market days)
  • Washington Square Park / NYU Campus
  • Ask us about better borough and metro area options


Thousands of Samples + Millions of Impressions

Brand-Displaying Trike Billboards

Rickshaw billboards deliver impressions by the million, sampling by the thousand during a typical OOH brand production. Our team deploys in and around high-density destinations such as Times Square, Herald Square, Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, and Central Park. While motortruck billboards are illegal in N.Y.C., billboard trikes are celebrated. Though installations in the highest-traffic areas require payments of tens of thousands of dollars per day to the city, Revolution’s nimble campaigns deliver lowest-cost highest-performance access to your target market in these strategic locations. Strategic route planning or sitings – or both – for your mobile billboard campaign ensures your large, eye-catching billboards are seen by people most likely to resonate with your messaging. Slow-moving (or no-moving!) mobile street media and messaging in NYC: High-impact impressions at a low-impact price.

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Get cans in hands!

Drink Sampling Campaigns

Nothing wins new fans for your drink brand like getting cans in hands.

Nothing says “healthy,” “sustainable,” “carbon-neutral,” or “green” like brand ambassadors on bikes.

And no one beats Revolution at scouting and saturating the city’s highest-profile spots.

Let us help you distribute:
• Cold-pressed juices & juice cleanses
• Energy drinks & energy shots
• Cold-brew coffees
• Digestion shots
• Probiotic & electrolyte drinks
• Herbal elixirs
• Kombucha
• Coconut water
• Yerba maté drinks
• Organic and non-GMO drinks
• Natural sodas
• Sparkling & spring water
• Nonalcoholic drinks
• Seltzers

Past clients?
• Guayaki
• Vita Coco
• Sambazon
• Zevia
• Organic Avenue
• Blueprint Cleanse
• FRS Healthy Energy
• Mamma Chia
• Perrier

Want to make a splash in NYC without getting a headache?

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Experiential Marketing at Its Best

Brand-Display Pedicab Activations

Give your customers an experience they’ll never forget with a complimentary pedicab ride. Now’s the time for surprise and delight with a guaranteed winning experience: An exhilarating experience that gives passengers a whole new perspective on New York City. Our staff is friendly and personable, adding value and enhancing the experience to reinforce the positive emotions generated by the complimentary branded ride. Revolution Rickshaws’ pedicabs can be customized inside and out with your brand’s messaging. Envelop prospects, community members, associates, or event participants in a memorable, unique experience that has your name all over it. Take a moment and imagine your brand’s logo covering the exterior of an RR pedicab in NYC. Interior customization includes high-value touch opportunities such as music, literature, and samples.

Make an experiential impact on your target demographic or market with Revolution Rickshaws’ branded NYC pedicab services. Whether for an hour, a week, a month, or a year, Revolution Rickshaws is ready to create the experiential impact your promotion requires and your customers won’t forget.

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Thanks!! We loved you guys and had so much fun. Thanks again.

- Holly McNamara, Zappos.com, September 2010

launch promotion for Zappos founder Tony Hsieh’s bestseller, Delivering Happiness

Marc Jacobs

The Challenge: New York’s powerful fashion elite thought they knew star designer Marc Jacobs’ story – but critical elements of his messaging just weren’t getting through during the critical –and hectic – Fashion Week.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: 15 branded cabs move selected influencers among locations, helping share Jacobs’ story while providing a uniquely luxurious tour of lower Manhattan locations that have figured big in Jacobs’s fashion career.

Results: Key fashion industry influencers spent four hours with their attention favorably focused on the Marc Jacobs experience. Lucky.

Marketing Campaigns FAQs

Click a question below to view the answer:

New York City streets can be crazy. Is it safe to drive – or ride in – a trike?

In our experience, both pedicabs and freight trikes are some of the safest vehicles you can drive or ride in, on city streets. They’re large, hard to push around, and easy to see. They can zip through Midtown traffic, but they still have low maximum speeds. Billboard trikes are perfect for riding in streets; as well, they can create high-impact installations at high-volume sites for limited periods of time – or extended periods of time.

How do your trikes perform in bad weather?

Our pedicabs are equipped with blankets and rain covers, to protect against cold, rain, and snow. Their canopies come on and off, so you can go completely open-air, in nice weather, or, if it’s too sunny, you can get some shade. In general, if motor vehicles are able to navigate NYC’s roads, our work trikes can too. Yes, we can travel in rain, wind, and snow.

How many people/how much weight can a rickshaw carry?

By law, pedicabs may carry no more than three people. For plus-sized persons, we recommend going with two people per cab. All our trikes are rated to carry up to 550 pounds; we can haul heavier loads on occasion, but we don’t like to do so too often – we don’t want to stress out our trikes. Most of our cargo boxes have a capacity of about 35 cubic feet – they’re about 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 4 feet long.

How fast do the rickshaw’s travel?

We unscientifically estimate that dudes on trikes average about 6 miles per hour. Not bad, considering that the average speed for motor vehicles in Manhattan is about 9 mph – and their average speed crosstown is just 4.5 mph.

Where do your rickshaws operate? Are the rickshaws only available in Manhattan?

Pedicabs are concentrated in Midtown Manhattan and Central Park, since that’s where demand is strongest. However, with advance notice, RR is able to provide pedicab service in all 5 boroughs, as well as parts of New Jersey. Currently, our freight trikes and mobile billboards also operate mostly in Manhattan, but we do go to Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx on occasion, and are looking to bulk up operations in Brooklyn in the near future.

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