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N.Y.C. Cargo Bike Programs

An Overview

Looking to optimize your New York City delivery, distribution, and/or supply chain program for highest available performance in 21st century city conditions?  The city’s leading provider of bikemobile-based cityfreight programs, Revolution Rickshaws offers cargo-moving systems and services for your internal operations, your I.C.s, or your 3.P.L. providers. Revolution maintains a fleet of bikemobiles of its own as well as fleets of other enterprises. Contact us today to get your program rolling if it pleases you.

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Container Trike Activations

A container-trike, e-bike, and/or trailer program may meet some or all of your enterprise’s logistics needs at a fraction of the costs of a motor van program. Choose from a variety of options including individual or fleet leasing, sales, or service programs:

  • Standard or motor-assist chassis
  • Weekly or monthly maintenance contracts
  • Garaging & storage solutions
  • Roadside assistance service
  • Operator training modules
  • Deliverist staffing 
  • Media display buys

Looking for full service delivery or microdistribution programs? Contact Revolution directly for more information on these options if it pleases you.

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Maintenance & Ownership

Has your enterprise established already a bikemobile program—or would like to establish one?  Our expert bikemobile service team keeps clients rolling on their fleets with a comprehensive suite of bikemobile services and systems.

Daily, weekly, or monthly front-to-back checks and repairs on your equipment ensure little or no down time. Our operator training, city compliance, garaging, and roadside assistance solutions maintain the highest standards for your enterprise.

As stateside agent for U.K. manufacturer Cycles Maximus, as well as German make Carla Cargo, Revolution can deliver new equipment to you through us. Ask us about next generation options, including motor-assist systems and custom options: We’re happy to review if it pleases you.

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Do Petrolvans Compete in Cities?

Livemobiles vs Petrolvans

  • Livemobiles glide through and around gridlock; petrolvans go with the flow—if any.
  • Each livemobile is rated to handle up to 550 pounds and 40+ cu. ft of freight. Petrolvans vary.
  • Petrolvan operators incur fossil fueling expenses, DMV driving points, & expensive repair costs. Livemobile operators incur larger lunch bills, carbon credits, and productivity scores.
  • Both livemobiles and petrolvans operate well in adverse weather conditions. Bicycles? Not so much.
  • Livemobiles featuring your logo build your brand in city streets. Petrolvan media are a dime a dozen.
  • Parking tickets and other parking-related issues? These are petrolvan, not livemobile, operator problems.
  • Pricey New York City and State licensing? None with a livemobile. Plenty with a petrolvan.
  • Access to ever expanding bike lane infrastructure? Livemobile: Yes. Petrolvan: No.
  • Operator fitness: Livemobile operators stay strong daily. Petrolvan operators sit in a metal box daily.


The Challenge: How to deliver curated boxes of fresh locavore foods to NYC customers effectively and affordably while upholding the company’s commitment to craft values.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: Each Monday and Thursday, a fleet of freight trikes fans out across Manhattan (south of 96th Street), after receiving and handling safely hundreds of routed boxes at a time at RR HQ, to bring the latest eagerly anticipated array of locavore foods to Quinciple’s growing customer base in a most responsible fashion.

Results: An enthusiastic response from Qunciple’s customers has contributed to positive word of mouth – vital for small business growth.

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Revolution Rickshaws is the only delivery service I’ve ever trusted.

- Ivy, Catering Manager

Murray's Cheese

Cyclevan FAQs

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Can one transport perishable items – like food – by cyclevan?

Revolution has successfully executed and facilitated thousands of deliveries of perishable goods to homes and businesses. We work with clients diligently until all stakeholders are satisfied with every aspect of a particular city logistics system—including temperature-control systems—before activating. The more controls, the more expenses—as well as the better the results. Ask us about solutions today.

How do cyclevans perform in inclement conditions?

Cyclevans are designed to operate in every condition Mother Nature throws at N.Y.C.: cold, rain, sleet, snow – you name it. Trikes—not bikes—operate effectively year round in the city. Trikes are inherently stable, cannot tip over, and roll safely in all conditions. In any condition motor vehicles can navigate the streets, our work trikes can navigate the streets.

How much weight/volume can a cyclevan carry?

Each cyclevan is rated to carry up to 550 pounds. We’ve hauled heavier loads on occasion, but we don’t recommend it: why tax the trikes, let alone the operators. A typical cargo box sports a capacity of about 35 cubic feet – they’re approximately 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 4 feet long. Custom boxes as large as 60 cu ft of capacity are available.

I own a local enterprise. I want to deploy a rickshaw to execute my own deliveries. How do I get started?

Contact us! We offer two-year or month-to-month leases; as well, we sell trikes as a Cycles Maximus agent. Additional elements of a program include legal and safety training for deliverists, preventive maintenance systems for the trikes, on-street support, and management support to optimize ongoing efficiency and success. If you already own one or more Cycles Maximus trikes, RR can establish with you a comprehensive equipment maintenance program. RR also offers consulting services for companies ready to optimize their logistics programs.

Are motors on bikes and trikes legal in N.Y.C.?

In a word? Yes. It all depends on how a motor is activated on the chassis. As long as the motor is activated exclusively by pedaling, then the system is legal according to N.Y.S. law. as long as all other aspects of the bicycle or tricycle meet legal standards set by the state. We’re happy to discuss this matter in more detail—just give us a ring or email if it pleases you.

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