Case Studies

Revolution Rickshaws delivers urbanmobile results. Our team of managers and trikers and fleet of branded pedicabs, delivery trikes, trike billboards, and filmtrikes are optimizing the way New York enterprises move in town. Here’s how we’ve produced defined results for a few of our clients.



This “smart” fridge service for corporate offices required a “white glove” city-centric logistics service to deliver high-value food products daily via a carbon-responsible mode. Merchandising services were required, including careful placement of meal products in each smart fridge at each corporate office; removal of expired product on a daily basis; and offering of “expired” meals to city vendors positioned to sell on such products quickly. So far, so good!

City Harvest

The Challenge: Every day, many Manhattan businesses have small amounts of food they can’t sell and wish to donate to people in need. This charitable impulse created a logistics nightmare. Could city-optimized food rescue be done sustainably?

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: A fleet of three City-Harvest-branded freight trikes pedaled by Teamsters roll from location to location collecting the donated food and bringing it quickly to City Harvest’s identified centers of need nearby.

Results: Using Revolution Rickshaws, City Harvest rescues more than half a million pounds of food per year. Waste is avoided, and people in need are being fed. City Harvest’s execs peg the annual value of the program’s daily Midtown marketing exposure alone from the branded freight trikes rolling daily in the central business district at approximately $2 million. Fleet expansion, which will enable optimized performance, is under discussion.


The Challenge: How to deliver curated boxes of fresh locavore foods to NYC customers effectively and affordably while upholding the company’s commitment to craft values.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: Each Monday and Thursday, a fleet of freight trikes fans out across Manhattan (south of 96th Street), after receiving and handling safely hundreds of routed boxes at a time at RR HQ, to bring the latest eagerly anticipated array of locavore foods to Quinciple’s growing customer base in a most responsible fashion.

Results: An enthusiastic response from Qunciple’s customers has contributed to positive word of mouth – vital for small business growth.


We had an amazing time and your guys were fantastic. If anyone asks you for a reference on RR just tell them to call me. Kind regards.

- Crispin Baynes, June 2013

Party Animals Birthday Party

Party Animals

Client: Crispin Baynes

The Challenge: Keep guests excited and engaged throughout a day-long 40th birthday party that took place at multiple locations. Did we mention that all 50 guests were dressed as zoo animals?

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: 20 pedicabs were deployed, each one driven by a driver dressed as a zookeeper! The menagerie of party animals debarked from a yacht at Chelsea Piers and had a whirlwind, raucous ride downtown to Wooly, a club under the Woolworth Building.

Results: A great time was had by all. This once in a lifetime event will be remembered by everyone who was part of it – or witnessed the parade of Party Animals wheeling by!



Production: Flight of the Conchords.

The Challenge: How to shoot a key scene effectively – and legally – in a city park.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: On one of our flatbed trikes optimized for media production, the HBO production crew installed a setup enabling both camera and sound man to roll alongside the show’s stars as they jog through Fort Greene Park. One of RR’s expert riders teams with director and crew to help nail the shot.

Results: Seamless execution and street-savvy combine to get the job done. The Flight of the Conchord team got the scene they wanted – without any legal hassles or headaches!



Zevia needed to make a splash in Manhattan on its NYSE launch day! Who ya gonna call? Zevia Final780

Marc Jacobs

The Challenge: New York’s powerful fashion elite thought they knew star designer Marc Jacobs’ story – but critical elements of his messaging just weren’t getting through during the critical –and hectic – Fashion Week.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: 15 branded cabs move selected influencers among locations, helping share Jacobs’ story while providing a uniquely luxurious tour of lower Manhattan locations that have figured big in Jacobs’s fashion career.

Results: Key fashion industry influencers spent four hours with their attention favorably focused on the Marc Jacobs experience. Lucky.


The Challenge: Expand their sales footprint in the overexposed New York marketplace of sustainably harvested Amazonian organic yerba mate in a manner that puts a powerful spotlight on the company’s deep green commitment while building brand visibility and driving sales.

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: Brand ambassadors drove billboard trikes, each filled with dozens of cases of Guayaki’s yerba mate energy drink, to high-visibility, high-traffic Manhattan spots accessible best and easily at the lowest cost by manpowered work trikes. Samples were distributed, providing Guayaki’s target audience with enjoyable, memorable tastes of the Guayaki experience. A Guayaki-branded freight trike enabled additional sampling in Brooklyn for the client.

Revolution Rickshaws Results: More than 10,000 people were introduced to Guayaki’s products and messaging – in just 30 days!


The Challenge: Capturing the attention of ad execs who were being wooed from every direction during the intense Up Front Week

The Revolution Rickshaws Solution: Strategically exploiting Up Front Week’s glamorous schedule, 30 Telemundo-branded pedicabs were ready and waiting for the ad execs outside the Al Hirschfeld Theater, where the dazzling Up Front presentation was held.The party-mobiles scooped the ad execs up and kept the good times rolling, delivering them to the Edison Hotel afterparty in style.

Revolution Rickshaws Results: 50+ exhilarated ad execs who won’t forget that Telemundo knows how to treat their clients – a critical consideration in a competitive marketplace.