Rickshaw Activation FAQs

I want to use your pedicabs for an event I’m planning, but I want to use my own drivers. Is that okay?

Typically, it’s not. To limit liability, and ensure compliance with NYC law, we require that any RR pedicab used to transport people be driven by an RR-vetted driver. You may hire a pedicab with a driver; you may not hire a pedicab and provide your own driver except in very unusual circumstances.

New York City streets can be crazy. Is it safe to drive – or ride in – a trike?

In our experience, pedicabs and cityvans are the safest conveyances you can drive or ride in on city streets. They’re large, plodding, and easy to see. They usually can shoot through Midtown gridlock, but they still have relatively low maximum speeds.

How much does a pedicab / rickshaw ride cost?

Well, it depends. For reserved rides, Revolution pricing is $95/hr with a 1hr minimum; also, we’re a “garage-to-garage” service – which means we account for your ride starting from our midtown shop and ending at our midtown shop. In the streets, pricing varies dramatically from driver to driver. All NYC pedicab operators are required by law to charge by the minute. Most drivers charge between $3/min and $9/min; however, they are legally permitted to set their per-minute charge as high or low as they please – so confirm pricing prior to boarding.

How many people/how much weight can a rickshaw carry?

By law, pedicabs may carry no more than three people. For plus-sized persons, we recommend going with two people per cab. All our trikes are rated to carry up to 550 pounds; we can haul heavier loads on occasion, but we don’t like to do so too often – we don’t want to tax overly our equipment or operators. Most of our cargo boxes have a capacity of about 35 cubic feet – they’re about 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 4 feet long.

How fast do the rickshaws travel?

We average about 5-15 miles per hour. Not bad, considering that the average speed for motor vehicles in Manhattan is about 9 mph – and their average speed crosstown is just 4.5 mph.

Where do your rickshaws operate? Are the rickshaws only available in Manhattan?

Our operations are concentrated in Manhattan, as that’s where demand is strongest. However, with advance notice, RR is able to provide staffed services in all 5 boroughs as well as the entire metro area.