How fast do the rickshaw’s travel?

We unscientifically estimate that dudes on trikes average about 6 miles per hour. Not bad, considering that the average speed for motor vehicles in Manhattan is about 9 mph – and their average speed crosstown is just 4.5 mph.

Where do your rickshaws operate? Are the rickshaws only available in Manhattan?

Pedicabs are concentrated in Midtown Manhattan and Central Park, since that’s where demand is strongest. However, with advance notice, RR is able to provide pedicab service in all 5 boroughs, as well as parts of New Jersey. Currently, our freight trikes and mobile billboards also operate mostly in Manhattan, but we do go to Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx on occasion, and are looking to bulk up operations in Brooklyn in the near future.

Are the rickshaws hard to pedal?

Yes and no. You do need to be in above-average shape to drive a work trike, but the Cycles Maximus’s 24 gears make it possible to climb hills and haul heavy loads, even if you aren’t a superhero. The stronger you are, the faster you’ll go. And yes, you can probably cancel that gym membership, if you drive a pedicab or freight trike regularly.

How many people/how much weight can a rickshaw carry?

By law, pedicabs may carry no more than three people. For plus-sized persons, we recommend going with two people per cab. All our trikes are rated to carry up to 550 pounds; we can haul heavier loads on occasion, but we don’t like to do so too often – we don’t want to stress out our trikes. Most of our cargo boxes have a capacity of about 35 cubic feet – they’re about 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 4 feet long.

How do your trikes perform in bad weather?

Our pedicabs are equipped with blankets and rain covers, to protect against cold, rain, and snow. Their canopies come on and off, so you can go completely open-air, in nice weather, or, if it’s too sunny, you can get some shade. In general, if motor vehicles are able to navigate NYC’s roads, our work trikes can too. Yes, we can travel in rain, wind, and snow.

I’d like to buy a pedicab/freight trike. Where can I get one just like yours?

Cycles Maximus, the British manufacturer of all RR’s top-quality equipment, is currently restructuring. We hope to have new CM trikes to sell by late 2013. In the meantime, we may be able tap into our vast network of contacts to find you a used CM work trike.

Can I get a job driving a pedicab?

No, you can’t get a job driving a pedicab. RR, like most other pedicab companies, leases pedicabs to qualified drivers. You pay a weekly or monthly fee to rent the pedicab, then you keep what you make. The model is similar to the model operating in the taxi industry.

How much does a pedicab driver make?

You might make between $0 and $100 per hour, depending on such factors as weather, demand, day of the week, time of day, years of experience, and selling prowess. Driving a pedicab is not for the thin-skinned or faint of heart. Yes, you need muscle – but that can be built over time. More importantly, you need to be able to sell rides.

How much does a pedicab / rickshaw ride cost?

It varies dramatically, from driver to driver. As of June 28, 2013, all NYC pedicab drivers are required by law to charge by the minute, and the calculate time with a DCA-approved timer affixed to the cab in view of the passengers. They are required to post the per-minute ride on both sides of the pedicab’s exterior, and on the post of the driver’s seat. They are not allowed to charge per person, only per ride. Most drivers charge $2-3 per minute. However, they are legally permitted to set their per-minute charge as high as they want.

I want to drive a pedicab. How do I get started?

To drive a pedicab in New York City, you need to get a Pedicab Driver License from the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). It can take two weeks or more to receive your license, once you’ve submitted your application. You don’t need to wait for your license, though, to be trained. RR charges $40 for a comprehensive 4-hour training. You’ll learn to ride a trike; you’ll also get selling tips and a rundown of the legal and regulatory territory.

Can you transport perishable items – like food – by freight trike?

We can. We’ve successfully executed thousands of deliveries of perishable goods to homes and businesses. We’ve worked with a number of local food companies to transport goods both to retail customers and from commissary to branch locations.

I own a local business. I want to use a rickshaw to do my own deliveries. How do I get started?

Give RR a call to discuss your needs. We offer one-year (or longer) freight-trike leases, starting at $645 per month. We’ll train your riders, set up a preventive maintenance schedule, and help you understand how to manage your trike-transport program for maximum efficiency and success. If you already own a trike (either a Cycles Maximus of another program), we can set you up with a comprehensive maintenance program. We also offer consulting services, for companies who’d like to wean their delivery programs off fossil fuels but aren’t sure how best to do so.

What happens if one of your (or our) trike drivers has an accident?

We call them “incidents” or “collisions” – and we think that most of them can be prevented, with proper maintenance, training, and attention. Still, we’re fully prepared to deal with them when they do happen. We can provide on-road assistance, in case of a breakdown (we use working trikes to tow non-working trikes). All cargo couriers, and pedicab drivers who are part of arranged gigs, are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance. All of RR’s trikes are fully insured; RR as a company carries a comprehensive general liability policy.

New York City streets can be crazy. Is it safe to drive – or ride in – a trike?

In our experience, both pedicabs and freight trikes are some of the safest vehicles you can drive or ride in, on city streets. They’re large, hard to push around, and easy to see. They can zip through Midtown traffic, but they still have low maximum speeds.

I want to use your pedicabs for an event I’m planning, but I want to use my own drivers. Is that okay?

No, it’s not. To limit liability, and ensure compliance with NYC law, we require that any RR pedicab used to transport people be driven by an RR-vetted driver. You may hire a pedicab with a driver; you may not hire a pedicab and provide your own driver.