We don’t need no filling stations, we don’t need no fossil fuel….

NYC Pedicabs

RR would like to note the appearance of the following text in a Hurricane Sandy email update from the office of City Council Member Brad Lander, sent Wednesday, October 31st:

“At least 4,000 taxis and livery cabs are on the streets and are allowed to pick up multiple fares. The city suggests an additional $10 charge per fare and notes that drivers must quote prices up front.”

Drivers must quote prices up front. Hmm. Sounds like a requirement pedicab passengers might benefit from.

In other news: RR is not rotting in line at a gas station, or siphoning gas from friends’ tanks, or standing at the Lincoln Tunnel entrance with an empty gas can, begging passing motorists for just a few drops of precious fossil fuel.

When you’re ready to kick the gas habit, New York, you know where to find us!