Pedicab NYC Services – How Does It Work?

NYC Pedicabs

The pedicab NYC experience can unfold in myriad ways: reserved adventures or events, impromptu taxi or tour service in the street or park, surprise transport from a friend or family member, and hotel to/from theater transfers, among other ways. Revolution Rickshaws specializes in ensuring such NYC pedicab services are executed to the satisfaction of our customers – all of them.

Most people are surprised to learn, for instance, that the NYC pedicab practitioners are sole-proprietor businesses in and of themselves. What this fact means is that each and every pedicab practitioner rolling in the streets of NYC and pedaling their services is working for him or her self – and nobody else. Revolution Rickshaws provides some of these practitioners with top-quality rental equipment under a contractual arrangement. We consider our rental service the best in the business bar none – and it forms the base of the rest of our business.

Revolution Rickshaws teams with reputable sole-proprietor NYC pedicab practitioners, with whom we work year in and year out to produce wonderful wedding transport, event transport, promotional transport, tour services, custom services, and more for our clients. Our team members have worked with us for periods far longer than any of our competition – something to consider when you’re wondering about overall quality of service.

So if you’re out in the streets wondering how it all works, remember that each pedaler is a business unto itself. Feel free to negotiate, demand clarity of pricing (it’s the law), and enjoy the experience!

Pedicab NYC Services - How does it work?
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Pedicab NYC Services - How does it work?
Need an pedicab in NYC but not sure how it works? We break it down for you here. Read all about it and schedule your ride today!