RRush Hr Report: 15NovAD12 – Happy Ending

NYC Pedicabs

As the traffic in the streets and sidewalks of midtown increases, the conditions for the skilled practitioner remain somewhat challenging. Unskilled practitioners? Very challenging. Extortionists? Well, if you’re amoral, immoral, or a hater (or some combination therein), then you’re working with a different set of rules…

And the stories in the streets from victims continue to overwhelm. By the Empire State Building, a mother and sister tell RR that they were bilked $145 for a 10 minute ride as RR attempted to give them a complimentary ride in compensation. Minutes later, a woman on the toxic taxi line at Penn Station‘s 7th Ave side told of being bilked $80 by an extortionist after the thief told her $20 at the beginning – and a cop even oversaw the transaction!

At Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt toxic taxi line, a cynic told RR that he’s not paying $500 for a ride. A few minutes later as RR was putting a hard sell on a couple in the same line, a haggardly women behind them requested that RR just go away. RR handed her $20 – and she took it!

This woman happily took $20 offered to her by RR as compensation for her troubles of listening to RR’s sale pitch (disclaimer – she later returned the money).

Minutes later, RR delivered a lovely Indian lady to Rockefeller Center from GCT. On arrival, she asked whether the cab was heated. RR has been telling people that the cocoon effect in back creates a fairly warm environment for passengers – we’re not kidding…

Mid-shift, two jovial ladies of a certain age boarded for a journey from 42nd & Madison to Telepan at 69th & Columbus Ave. Both of them live in Westchester County, though one hailed from VA. Why did she move to NY? “Not enough diversity” in her home state, subsequently noting that she believes in “democratic values.” Mmm.

This is how memories are made – and captured – in midtown Manhattan.

Now for the happy ending. Struggling to score ride and reach the daily budget target, RR worked mightily the 42nd St GCT line once again with no luck… until a dude in a sports jacket approached from nowhere requesting a quote to “6th & 6th.” RR says $35, he says $25, and we agree on $30. Arriving at The Lion (at 6th Ave & 9th St), the gentleman declares “you’ve got yourself $40 now.” Asked whether he’s taken rickshaw rides before, he says, “Nope. Never. First time – and I’m a lifelong New Yorker. Saw the [toxic taxi] line and figured I’d give it a shot. Thanks for a great ride.”

The end of the line for Citycab tonight – a happy ending at The Lion.