Growing enterprises at the intersection of city logistics and brand management

Pedicab NYC Logistics

Successful cityfreight systems require a complete audit of process, ideally from the outset. Quinciple, for instance, designed its packaging, temperature control systems, and labeling systems from day one  in partnership with Revolution to ensure cityfreight, not to mention enterprise, success.

Other enterprises choose to make the shift after operating for a period of time. To be sure, a complete review of processes front to back must be undertaken to ensure a successful upgrade at this time, as well. Revolution offers cityfreight optimization packages that deliver value unique to each of our clients. Our city-first logistics + marketing approach also empowers our clients to feature their logistics programs front and center as a brand aligned aspect of their overall enterprise model.

Eat Tribal has embarked on an upgrade of its cityfreight logistics + marketing processes this spring in partnership with Revolution, enabling it to focus on its core competencies. Its new presence in the streets of Manhattan via its co-branded freight trike is now drawing thousands of eyeballs every week, generating additional interest in its product while exuding the healthy vigor of its target market.


Review your options and consider any number of marketplace service providers, if it pleases you. Revolution is happy to spend up to 30 minutes at a complimentary logistics + marketing review session. Revolution often is able to point enterprises in a direction that suits them best – even if it’s not with us.