Gregg Zuman

At thirteen years of age, Revolution Rickshaws’ founder and sales manager Gregg Zuman landed his first cycling gig: delivering The Boston Globe in his hometown of Wellesley, MA. That was 1986. He’s been peddling pedaling ever since.

After extensive forays into NYC bike messengering, financial editorial services, and local party politics with the New York State Green Party in the 1990s and early aughts, Gregg in 2003 climbed into the saddle of a pedicab for the first time. Within two years of this momentous occasion, Gregg birthed Revolution Rickshaws, L.L.C., co-founded the New York City Pedicab Owners’ Association, and set himself up as U.S. agent for U.K. live-electric vehicle manufacturer Cycles Maximus. Initially a pedicab rental operation sporting a fifteen-strong fleet, Revolution Rickshaws more than doubled in fleet size and approached a half million dollars in annual revenue as operations expanded to include experiential promotions, filmtrike logistics, and last-mile delivery solutions—as Revolution’s original revenue stream from pedicab rentals dried up due to market conditions. In 2021, he spearheaded the launch of the Revolution X live-electric logistics brand within the enterprise. Today, Gregg continues to wear a number of hats as he drives innovation in the live-electric vehicle systems sector as well as passengers in Manhattan after all these years. He possesses a B.A. in Politics from Occidental College.