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After Pedi-geddon


Pedi-geddon has come and gone, with minimal carnage. Mostly the cops just stopped pedicab drivers – a bunch of them more than once – and gave out multiple tickets for multiple violations. A few drivers who meticulously adhered to the rules did escape un-ticketed. While walking and riding around midtown on Friday night and Saturday… Continue Reading

The Pedalpocalypse Is Coming…


or shall we call it Pedigeddon? On November 21st, the NYPD will commence enforcing New York City’s pedicab law, which requires that pedicab owners get a business license and carry general liability insurance; that pedicab drivers possess a valid pedicab driver’s license; and that all pedicabs pass a DCA-administered inspection. To pass inspection, a pedicab… Continue Reading

Revolution Goes Green Festival


Last weekend Revolution traveled south to Washington D.C. to exhibit at Green America’s Green Festival. We borrowed a pedicab and a rickshaw van from Via Velo – a non-profit that partners with the local Boys & Girls Club to provide eco-delivery and shuttle service in Alexandria – and rode them into downtown D.C. by way… Continue Reading