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Denial: Now a River in New York

NYC Pedicabs

Very important: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, DO NOT address root causes of the city’s storm-related suffering. DO NOT mention NYC’s fossil-fuel addiction. Instead, come up with boondoggles – like a sea gate or storm surge barrier – that promise to keep government contractors busy and profitable for years to come. New York City… Continue Reading

RRush Hr Report: 15NovAD12 – Happy Ending

NYC Pedicabs

As the traffic in the streets and sidewalks of midtown increases, the conditions for the skilled practitioner remain somewhat challenging. Unskilled practitioners? Very challenging. Extortionists? Well, if you’re amoral, immoral, or a hater (or some combination therein), then you’re working with a different set of rules… And the stories in the streets from victims continue… Continue Reading

RRush Hour Report 14 Nov AD 2012

NYC Pedicabs

One can feel the end-of-the-year holiday swell in the streets already here in Midtown Manhattan. Motor Assault Vehicle aka car & truck traffic is slowly getting out of hand – soon to achieve parking-lot-like status right through Christmas. Rickshaw practitioners must factor in molasses like movement of street traffic into their pricing, as even rickshaws… Continue Reading