A Special Event About Special Events


Providing shuttle service for special events is one of RR’s favorite things. We love treating large (or small) groups to transports of joy! We get a buzz from hearing first-time pedicab passengers giggle, squeal, and guffaw over how much fun they’re having. So we’re delighted to be participating in the First Annual ISES Sustainability Forum and Marketplace (ISES stands for International Special Events Society, by the way), where, we hope, we’ll discover ample additional opportunities to share the exhilaration of the pedal-powered party experience. The FAISFAM will take place on Wednesday, May 18th, from 4:30 till 9:30pm at The Lighthouse International Conference Center at 111 East 59th Street; RR will be tabling in the Marketplace from 6:30 till 9:30pm.

RR delivers happiness to Times Square last summer...next time around, we hope to deliver exhilaration!

RR delivers happiness to Times Square last summer...next time we'll deliver exhilaration!

According to the ISES NYC chapter, the purpose of the event is “to inspire special event professionals to commit to sustainable event practices,” to “share industry-wide ideas for establishing ‘green’ principles,” and to serve “as the foundation for a newly-established standardized set of guidelines for the events industry.”

Sounds good to RR!