Achtung! NYC Drinking Water to Be Contaminated Soon?


RR attended a showing of Gasland at the IFC last night and was shocked at the goings on around our drinking water upstate. Due to chicanery in the Dubya White House, oil and gas extractors as of 2005 have enjoyed a special exemption from the federal Clean Water Act – and now they’re pumping billions, even trillions, of gallons of chemicals into our land annually to extract whatever natural gas they can manage. Of course, the film puts to rest any notion that such processes are benign – for instance, we see tap “water” from faucets in multiple households located nearby these fracking facilities is literally lit on fire by a simple pocket lighter. Sadly, some of these folks had been drinking the toxic effluence masquerading as tap water unbeknownst to them until they begin suffering from chronic headaches and increasingly worse symptoms…

Point is, fracking today is being proposed for land within the NYC watershed! If nothing else, give your state assembly rep and senate rep a call and tell them you’re absolutely against this insanity. Also, call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to express support for legislation to require fracking activities to come under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act.

With EcoLogical NYC Transport & Delivery deployed more liberally, NYC might not be facing such imminent demise of its watershed. Pedicabs for people moving in town and freight trikes paired with barges/ships and railroad services for freight movement about town are ways out of this madness. Look out for an upcoming post, too, on developments around barge to trike supply chain developments – coming sooner than you think. In the meantime, let’s act to protect our lives and our land!