Basis’s RR Eco-Transport Program Grows


Our partnership with Basis: Good Food to You is nearing the 100 weekly customer mark, which is exciting news for Team RR. Began in earnest in March of this year, the RR delivery program for Basis is adding tomorrow Monday 14 June 2010 a second weekly delivery date to the current Thursday-only schedule accommodate growth as well as the quirks of summer demand; to wit: many New Yorkers skip town during the hazy, lazy weekends of July and August, making Thursday delivery less appealing.

On Thursdays, RR deploys four freight trikes for afternoon Basis delivery. We’re eager to continue on a growth path with Basis and help distribute as much local organic food as we can manage! (Disclaimer: Basis distributes primarily, though not all, local organic foods.) Check them out and tell them RR sent you!