Citizenship 101: 2010 NYS Voting


Candidates for NY State governor – note that pro-pedicab candidate Charles Barron is running on the “Freedom Party” ticket and pro-pedicab party the Green Party is running good guy Howie Hawkins for the top state spot this year (RR has provided promotional pedicab services multiple times for local Green Party candidates over the years – though not this year so far):


(Note: Governor & Lt. Governor nominees run together on tickets in the General Election.)
David Paterson (D)* – Retiring in 2010. ]
& [ Richard Ravitch (D)* – Retiring in 2010. ]

Andrew Cuomo (D/IP) – Attorney General & Ex-US Housing Secretary
Bob Duffy (D/IP) – Rochester Mayor & Ex-Rochester Police Chief

Carl Paladino (R/C/Taxpayers) – Real Estate Developer & Attorney
Greg Edwards (R/C) – Chataqua County Executive
Tom Ognibene (Taxpayers) – Ex-New York City Councilman & ’05 NYC Mayor Candidate

Kristin Davis (Anti-Prohibition) – Ex-Prostitution Escort Service Madam & Ex-Hedge Fund Executive
Linda Espejo (Anti-Prohibition)

Charles Barron (Freedom) – NYC City Councilman, Ex-Black Panther Activist, Community Organizer & Democrat
Eva Doyle (Freedom) – Educator, Author & Historian

Howie Hawkins (Green) – Truck Unloader, Anti-Nuclear Activist, Green Party of the US Co-Founder & Frequent Candidate
Gloria Mattera (Green) – State Party Co-Chair, Educator, Peace Activist & Frequent Candidate

Warren Redlich (Libertarian) – Attorney, Guilderland Town Board Member & ’04/’06 US Rep. Nominee
Alden Link (Libertarian) – Businessman & ’08 Presidential Candidate

Jimmy McMillan (Rent Is Too Damn High) – Private Investigator, Vietnam War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
& No Runningmate Designated

Dan Fein (Socialist Workers/Write-In) – Communist Political Organizer & Frequent Candidate
& No Runningmate Designated

Steve Cohn (Tea) – Attorney
& No Runningmate Designated

Kenneth Schaeffer (WF) – Attorney
& Elon Harpaz (WF) – Attorney