Gnosis Gnews Is Good Gnews!


One summer Sunday morning, RR was hunkered down at home chomping on Gnosis raw organic chocolate – Sugar Plum variety – when we got the bright idea to give them a ring to both sing the praises of their chocolate as well as pitch RR’s local ecological delivery services. To our surprise, the owner herself, Vanessa Barg, answered the phone. Being two kindred local enterprises, we hit it off immediately. Each enterprise is committed to maximizing ecological business practices as part of our pursuit of profits, and partnering with likeminded local enterprises is a key aspect of our success to date.

Starting 2 November, RR begins trial deliveries from Long Island City to all across Manhattan for the wholesale customers of Gnosis, which produces “hand crafted treats [that] prove that health, palette, and consciousness can find a joyful meeting.” If all goes well, we’ll be adding home delivery to Manhattanites in time for the holidays, too.

Invest in good chocolate produced locally and you’ll now be investing in NYC’s growing ecological transport infrastructure, too – not to mention the health of your body and mind!