Good Brother Makes a Custom FilmTrike


Good Brother, a Brooklyn-based video production company, recently purchased a Cycles Maximus flatbed trike from Revolution. After bringing it back to their headquarters, Good Brother proceeded to outfit the flatbed just so to meet specific industry needs. Being video people, they filmed the buildout process for our viewing pleasure.

Revolution teaches Good Brother about optimal operations.

Trikurious spoke with Good Brother co-founder Jake Russell recently. He shared their decision making process that led them to choose a high-capacity worktrike from Revolution over other available modes:

“We began using the trike out of a necessity for a project/video shoot that required moving footage for a Citi Bike shoot, but didn’t have a budget for a car or vehicle that could follow a Citi Bike rider in the city. We looked at a few alternatives on Amazon, but nothing was strong and industrial enough for our tastes. The other alternative was a production vehicle like a car/truck with a camera rig.

“The trike is built tough, yet it’s very nimble. It allowed us to shoot without permits as well and move around the city with a slimmed down camera package. We modified the trike by adding a cage on the back with speed rail. We also mounted a monitor on the top of the handle bars so the driver could quickly glance down and get a glimpse of where the camera was shooting. It’s been a great experience.”