How Living Distribution – and Marketing – Partnerships Add Value to Brands

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Partnering with a living transport & distribution enterprise such as Revolution Rickshaws can add tremendous value to your brand. Key is communicating the added value to your customers of your commitment to living distribution as part of your overall brand strategy.

If your brand positioning involves responsible stewardship bringing your good or service to market, then Revolution’s “Delivered by Trike” city distribution program powers you a step (or two) ahead of your competition. Your customers can gain awareness of your brand’s commitment to responsible business processes—and reinforce their identification with your brand via our marketing products.

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Quinciple now features Revolution’s “Delivered by Trike” sticker on all of its boxes destined for home delivery in Manhattan and Brooklyn via trike. Its positioning as a curated locavore meal kit delivered to your home means its customers appreciate transparent processes. Knowing their boxes are delivered last-mile by trike, Quinciple customers can add another feather to their talking-point cap when touting the virtues of the service to friends.

Guayaki is rolling a branded freight trike campaign now in the streets of Manhattan. Its commitment to sustainable business practices is reaffirmed through its partnership with Revolution, and its customers can identify this commitment clearly upon connecting with the brand in city streets.


In the midst of a pilot program, Trunk Club is planning to tailor suits for its deliverists as part of our marketing and distribution partnership.

Langham Place chose to offer its hotel guests complimentary rides on a branded pedicab as part of its celebration of Earth Hour and Earth Day. Revolution took care of the entire operation for them, and their guests were thrilled to avail themselves of experiential rides around town.

Our longest standing partner, The City Bakery, has received reams of press coverage over the years as a result of deploying its fleet fleet of freight trikes. They’ve branded their neighborhood over the course of 8 years, and their rickshaws have become a part of the fabric of downtown Manhattan.


If your enterprise is looking to enhance its identity as a responsible business practices leader in New York City, Revolution can support your efforts in any number of ways. We’d love to review options together, if it pleases you.