It’s a bike! It’s a van! It’s a bikon!


All the bike has to do is sit there & look pretty!

All the bike has to do is sit there & look pretty!

See the yellow oval bikon (new word, freshly coined, short for “bike icon”!) on the motor weapon’s rear panel? It’s a schematic drawing of the Long Haul cargo bike, manufactured by Human Powered Machines in Eugene, Oregon. The company deploying the motor weapon is Checker Courier, based on East 11th Street. From looking at their website, you’d think they ran cargo bikes exclusively. Not! But they sure do play up the valor thereof.

And they’re not alone. Upper Crust Pizzeria, in Boston, sports a tuxedoed pedaler in its bikon – and delivers catering via motor weapon. Butter Lane (for which RR did deliver a number of cupcakes, back in the day) features a Long John cargo bike as its clickable “Delivery” bikon. When’s New Belgium Brewing Company going to get its ranger on a rickshaw van, so he can really be a hero?

Come on, people! You talk the talk – you flaunt the bikon – how about you get in the saddle and pedal the pedal?