NYC City Chase Teams Try Their Legs at Pedicabbing


This past September 25th, Revolution was pleased to spread the giant-trike love by hosting a challenge for New York City City Chase – an urban adventure race that’s “part obstacle course, part scavenger hunt.” The scavenger hunt part is sniffing out the locations of the various challenges; the obstacle course part is completing them. The goal, for each team of two, is to complete ten challenges; the winning team is the one that does so the quickest. Teams are allowed to traverse the city only on foot or by public transportation. The challenges are designed to be fun, exciting, and…challenging! They’re meant to kick contestants out of their comfort zones, galvanize them into doing something they might not otherwise do.

Like drive a pedicab.

The challenge – for those City Chase teams that chose to accept it – was to pilot a pedicab around the periphery of the Revolution parking lot, steering clear of roof supports and storage apparatus. One member of the team drove, while the other sat in back, cheering the driver on (and reminding her or him to be careful!). So far as I know, the teams who took the challenge were all giant-trike neophytes (which is why City Chase volunteers were on hand, explaining how to use the trike and rescuing those who got stuck at the tightest turn) – and from what I saw, they were all doing just fine. Maybe a few will come back and try pedicabbing for cash sometime.

Here at Revolution, adventure beckons the intrepid – every day.

"I'm ready for Midtown! Where do I sign up?"

"You bet I'm ready for Midtown! Where do I sign up?"