On the hunt for a new HQ


Revolution is readying to move in Manhattan once again. We’re on the hunt for a new hub. One that can adequately accommodate Revolution. It’s no easy task, to be sure.

We’ve been stationed at the corner of Dyer Avenue and West 31st Street since October 2008. It’s been a good run over here. The enterprise has seen its ups and downs, and this location has served us well through it all. We’re able to cross dock and distribute goods from 116th Street to The Battery from the current site quite elegantly. The pedicab practitioners love being a short pedal from what once was Pennsylvania Station. Subway access is convenient, as is access to the Hudson River bike path. Our producers and distributors dig the Dyer Avenue location, as it’s literally a Lincoln Tunnel access road.

It’s time to identify an even better home for Revolution. We’re open to ideas, thoughts, comments, and the like from our diverse network of customers, vendors, and supporters. Send ’em our way, if it pleases you.

To be sure, the potential for partnering with likeminded or synergistic enterprises is one we’re considering now more than ever. Heck, we’re even open to anyone or any entity keen to invest in the enterprise. Now’s the time, as Revolution is taking things to the next level.