Organic Transport + Edible Organic Delights!


Last Wednesday’s inaugural round of Winter CSA home deliveries went off quite well – as did Team RR’s inaugural experience of CSA participation. Mmm, pickled green tomatoes! Mmm, roasted root vegetables! Mmm, curry cole slaw! You can’t get carrots as sweet as these in any grocery store I know of.
As local and organic as it gets!

As local and organic as it gets!

We admit it: We at RR are freaks for local organic food. We haul food by the trike- and bike-load to midtown Manhattan from the Park Slope Food Coop. We frequent farmers’ markets. We’ve even dipped our toes into the magnificent milk pails of the Traditional Nutritional Guild. When we go on vacation, we scour stores and restaurants for non-toxic treats we wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. We’d love to use our trike capacity to promote, distribute, and expand the availability of food grown by farmers who enrich – rather than deplete – their land. We dream of the day when freight trains once again frequent the West Side rail yards (just a few blocks from RR). What a wonderful thing it would be to bobtail over to the train station, pick up a trike-sized container of organic upstate produce, pedal it to a local co-op or restaurant, then deadhead back to the depot.

You heard it here first: Trike is the new truck!