Pedaling Beyond Petroleum


Here’s what Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director of Green America, has to say about the BP oil spill:

“[A]s heartbreaking a disaster as this is, it’s critical that we remember.  It’s not a natural disaster.  It’s not an aberration. It isn’t even a surprise!

“It’s only the latest in a series of economic and environmental disasters that will continue to strike our nation and cost our economy billions of dollars — as long as we continue to rely on dirty, dangerous sources of fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas.”

In a message titled “Stop the next oil spill before it starts!” she goes on to suggest that Green Americans put efficiency first, invest in Clean Energy Victory Bonds, and support creation of Clean Tech Jobs.

Yes, yes, yes! And trike, trike, trike!

Here at RR we are by no means clean of addiction to ancient sunlight: Our trikes wouldn’t exist without the fossil-fuel-powered equipment and tools used to make them. If not for asphalt and steamrollers we wouldn’t have paved roads to ride on. Parts orders roll up to our door in a UPS truck.

However: When you ride a pedicab or freight trike, you don’t ever have to stop at a gas station.

RR: Boycotting BP (and Exxon, and Chevron, and so on) since 2005.

No oil spills in this picture! ("LOTS" stands for Local Organic Transport Systems, by the way.)

No oil spills in this picture! ("LOTS" stands for Local Organic Transport Systems.)