Planning a wedding? Let RR sweep you off your feet!


So you’re planning your wedding for 2011…or 2012. You’re getting married at a house of worship, or on the Great Lawn, or on a pier jutting into the Hudson River. But you’re not holding your reception there – that’s across town, or at the Park Lane, or at the yacht club on the East River. What to do? Hand your guests MetroCards and maps and wish them good luck? Have them hail taxis? Well, you could do that…but maybe you don’t want to stress your guests out, or break the flow of camaraderie and good cheer built up during the ceremony. Maybe you want phase one of the event to segue seamlessly and festively into phase two…or maybe you want the process of getting from A to B to be a pleasure in itself!

If this train of thought sounds familiar to you, then…may I suggest pedicabs?

Pedicab service can be arranged in advance (so your guests don’t have to wait). RR can figure out the most efficient, hassle-free route beforehand (so your guests will be assured of reaching their destination as quickly and smoothly as possible). Best of all, the most common reactions from pedicab passengers are laughter, squeals of delight, and variations on the theme, “Oh my God, I can’t believe how fun this is!” Don’t be surprised if the pedicab ride turns out to be one of the most unforgettable parts of your wedding!

Not to mention that the pedicab experience is fully scalable and customizable. Maybe all you want is one chariot, adorned with streamers and a “Just Married!” sign, for you and the love of your life. Maybe the distance is short, meaning most of your guests can walk, but you need transport for a couple sets of grandparents. Maybe you need to move 100 guests, and you want to share your happiness with the entire city by blazoning you and your sweetheart’s name on every facet of the pedicab. We can do all that…and more!

Plus, pedicabs are a great example of sustainable transport. Not a bad way to start off a union meant to last forever….

Your chariots await!

Your chariots await! (Thanks to Cycles Maximus for the image.)