Revolutionaries in “New Year’s Eve” Movie!


In this year’s Hollywood bid for capturing the energy of New York’s year-end celebration New Year’s Eve, pedicabs are featured shuttling the giant 2012 calendar-year numbers that sit atop 1 Times Square. Of course, the trikes are RR pedicabs and the riders are top RR riders in the scene, so the movie’s definitely a must see!

Maximus handles the heavy lifting while Main Street takes the light load

Maximus handles the heavy; Main Street lifts the light

Ironically, this scene was inspired by a real-life PR move executed by RR’s El Capitan and his NYCPOA cohort Peter Meitzler in late 2009 in Times Square, which was captured in the New York Times among other┬ámany other media outlets. Gregg is pictured moving the 0 of the 2010 in his shorts despite the below freezing temperatures that morning. You can see him and Peter in action here:

Calendar Year 2010 Numbers via Pedicab