RR Adds “Authentic” NY Experience to Ritz-Carlton Anniversary


Last Thursday (26 Jan 12) the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park City celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event, held on its second floor, was replete with “authentic” New York City installations including a hot dog vendor, a mixed nuts vendor, caricature artists, a statue of liberty, a video montage of Central Park, a wonderful Frank Sanatra impersonator, and… a Revolution Rickshaw! Or as Meetings & Special Events Coordinator Laura Beth Dlugatch put it, RR was sought out as “a fun NYC icon” to deliver its services alongside other city icons.

The 2nd floor hallway in which RR operated - short and sweet!

Second floor hallway in which RR operated – short and sweet

One fascinating fact RR found out while on site: For every guest of the hotel the Ritz staffs two workers – yes, two Ritz employees for every guest, i.e., 1000 Ritz employees on site serving guests staying in its 250 rooms (assumes 2 persons per room). Another fact – the Ritz does what it can to eliminate folks from taking photos inside the hotel… And as RR had only one pedicab and one rider rolling, so opportunities to capture the action for posterity’s sake were few. Nevertheless…

After doing our duty delivering 10 or so rides to daring guest parties, RR made its way into the ballroom… And found the largest rendering of the Brooklyn Bridge ever made—out of chocolate!

The Ritz bought the Brooklyn Bridge - and ate it, too!

The Ritz bought the Brooklyn Bridge – and ate it, too.

As if that weren’t enough, an entire diorama of the New York skyline—or at least an artist’s interpretation of it—also was rendered entirely of chocolate! Obviously, this affair was one geared toward the fairer sex, of whom the lion’s share of participants comprised.

Ladies readying to terrorize New York's skyline...of chocolate.

Ladies readying to terrorize New York’s skyline…of chocolate.

On the topic of lions, a couple of frozen busts of the king of the jungle were found resting on either side of the ice cream and toppings table, in case guests got any ideas…

These frozen felines look ready to pounce...

These frozen felines look ready to pounce…

After carbo loading on a few tasty treats from the dozen or so tasting tables circling the room, RR gracefully made its exit: Mission accomplished.