Sometimes a trike comes in handy…


…for example, when you’re a food vendor participating in a press conference at the Arsenal in Central Park, and you can’t park right at the entrance to unload your stuff.

Sigmund Pretzelshop, one of RR’s esteemed delivery customers, is about to set up shop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, peddling their “properly chewy” (Florence Fabricant) “fantastic pretzels” (Martha Stewart). Earlier today Sigmund and other fresh Central Park vendors offered samples to press and public, in an effort to promote the movement towards improvement over the standard hot-dog-and-soda stand. As is usual in Manhattan, logistics were a challenge. How to get the necessary materials to their assigned location with parking impossible to find, and no place to pull over and unload?

Here’s (part of) how Sigmund did it:

Pick-up trike to the rescue!

Pick-up trike to the rescue!

They transferred their stuff from car to trike at a remove from the event location; then I rode the trike through the park to their booth. Thereafter, the trike took on the role of pretzel display station. As an enthusiastic proponent of organic transport for organic pretzels, Sigmund wished to demonstrate how a trike such as this one might one day replace the van-cart model that currently prevails. Why tow (or get towed) when you can get where you’re going under your own power?

RR says, right on!