When raising brand awareness in Manhattan is essential


Your enterprise (or your client’s enterprise) is committed to making a mark in Manhattan, and options abound; nevertheless, raising brand awareness effectively is a challenge in this unusually rich marketplace. The streetscape – everywhere, really – is crowded. How can your brand stand out, represent itself well, and touch key target markets in an effective manner?

Like canaries in a coal mine, rickshaws in Manhattan actually stand out. Particularly in pedestrian heavy districts, experiential marketing activations utilizing branded rickshaws and trikers provide high-impact results for well-known brands whenever messaging is clear and concise.


2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-520photo_by_will_star 2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-85photo_by_will_star

A recent Herald Square / Penn Station promotion for Chick-fil-A provides an example of effective Manhattan marketing in action. The multi-day Chick-fil-A rickshaw program created tens of thousands of high-impact impressions in the brand’s target district as well as hundreds of happy passengers. Chick-fil-A is in the process of entering the NYC market with a large storefront site at West 37th Street & 6th Avenue. Paired with a Penn Station installation where sample sandwiches were being provided, the rickshaw promotion was declared a success by marketing partner Grandesign and Chick-fil-A, not to mention the current and newly created fowl-food fans touched in NYC by the activation.

2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-612photo_by_will_star 2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-198photo_by_will_star 2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-615photo_by_will_star  2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-389photo_by_will_star 2015_08_26_A72_RR_Chickflia_SSP0001-596photo_by_will_star

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