The Glory of Fall for Pedicab NYC Pros

NYC Pedicabs

Close up of bar on a trike

As a pedicab NYC business, we love what we do. We love getting to be outdoors; we love being part of the sustainability revolution; we love working with the public; we love the city; we love moving around in it. And we love plying our business throughout the year. That said, there is a magic… Continue Reading

How do you get to pretzel heaven? By trike, of course!


In early October I posted about RR’s adventures helping the eco-transport enthusiasts at Sigmund Pretzelshop to set up their booth at the Arsenal press conference for new Central Park food vendors. Now – finally! – we have pictures! Doesn’t the trike look eco-adorable? And don’t those pretzels look delicious?

Read My Toe-Clips: No New Taxis


As a pedicab driver, I sometimes feel marginal, compared to a taxi driver: When I slow down to find out where they’re going, taxi hailers are wont to wrinkle their noses and say, “I want a regular cab” (or a “a yellow cab,” or “a real taxi”). The taxi is the known quantity; the pedicab… Continue Reading

Inspection Comes But Once a Year


Most prospective pedicab passengers (tourists + locals) don’t know: That pedicab owners must hold DCA-issued business licenses. That pedicab drivers must hold DCA-issued pedicab driver licenses. That pedicabs must carry DCA-issued registration stickers (equivalent to DMV-issued motor vehicle license plates). In order to obtain up-to-date registration stickers, pedicabs must pass annual inspection by city officials,… Continue Reading