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How Living Distribution – and Marketing – Partnerships Add Value to Brands

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Partnering with a living transport & distribution enterprise such as Revolution Rickshaws can add tremendous value to your brand. Key is communicating the added value to your customers of your commitment to living distribution as part of your overall brand strategy. If your brand positioning involves responsible stewardship bringing your good or service to market,… Continue Reading

NYC Freight & Food Logistics: The Infrastructure Challenge

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Some people wonder why freight and food logistics operators serving New York City don’t integrate pedicab NYC freight trikes and other active logistics equipment into their systems. Aren’t they “friendly” “green” “sustainable” solutions that are a “no brainer” for Manhattan and Brooklyn, for instance? Well, scratch the surface and one understands why frequently only pedicab… Continue Reading

Growing enterprises at the intersection of city logistics and brand management

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Successful cityfreight systems require a complete audit of process, ideally from the outset. Quinciple, for instance, designed its packaging, temperature control systems, and labeling systems from day one  in partnership with Revolution to ensure cityfreight, not to mention enterprise, success. Other enterprises choose to make the shift after operating for a period of time. To be… Continue Reading

When Craft Food Makers Attempt NYC Distribution

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In the last two weeks alone, Revolution Rickshaws has been contacted by a popsicle maker, a yogurt maker, a regional scallops seller, and a regionally sourced flower seller. What do they all have in common? The challenge of effective NYC delivery to customers. Thousands of similarly sized enterprises face these challenges, as well. The vast… Continue Reading