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When raising brand awareness in Manhattan is essential


Your enterprise (or your client’s enterprise) is committed to making a mark in Manhattan, and options abound; nevertheless, raising brand awareness effectively is a challenge in this unusually rich marketplace. The streetscape – everywhere, really – is crowded. How can your brand stand out, represent itself well, and touch key target markets in an effective manner? Like… Continue Reading

NYC Pedicab Subculture Video


As fresh as ever, this video of pedicabs and pedicabbers in action in NYC was shot in part at Revolution Rickshaws HQ. Press play and enjoy the ride, if it pleases you!

How Living Distribution – and Marketing – Partnerships Add Value to Brands

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Partnering with a living transport & distribution enterprise such as Revolution Rickshaws can add tremendous value to your brand. Key is communicating the added value to your customers of your commitment to living distribution as part of your overall brand strategy. If your brand positioning involves responsible stewardship bringing your good or service to market,… Continue Reading