The Livemobile Ecosystem


Complete System Componentry As livemobiles find their way in the marketplace, customers often are unaware of the composition of complete livemobile kits. To ensure success, systems must encompass a surprisingly extensive array of features. Here’s our working schematic on elements of a superior livemobile SYSTEM. Your comments are welcome. Thank you for your consideration.



CityGo & Chelsea

Cyclogistics in the Time of Coronavirus   Though only weeks into the advancing coronavirus pandemic, New Yorkers are quickly discovering a next level of reliance on the services of working cyclists. As a historically marginalized and poorly organized workforce, working-cyclist delivery workers (and a menagerie of bicycles) are cranking out productivity during this slow-motion catastrophe. Unsung… Continue Reading

Curbside Enthusiasm: Development Arrested


Curbside Enthusiasm: Development Arrested by Daniel Wendlek The Challenge: 20th Century Residue  Private-vehicle parking first. Then trash collection. Perhaps commercial vehicles next. And last (and least), access to the commons, commerce and transit. This vestigial hierarchy of priorities for a typical New York City curbside─at 6” to 7” tall, a small step for many humans─has… Continue Reading